Do you have a special project with unique components? Does your very important product launch require white-glove service? Or perhaps your kitting project contains 50 different pieces that need to be precisely placed?

We employ our years of experience with custom kitting and our state-of-the-art kitting software so you can create a total product experience. The better constructed and more eye catching the kit is, the more merchandise it will sell. Our keen attention to detail is what keeps our quality high, and we meticulously build each kit to precise project specifications. Rest assured, you won't have to worry about missing product, poor arrangement, or missed deadlines.




We can handle it. We don’t just pay attention to detail – we’re obsessive about it. We personally inspect each element of every kit and then we check it again. This ensures a 100% rate of accuracy and quality control. Consider Spectrum Group USA for all your projects that require extra attention:




We are your pick & pack specialists, handling your most unique requirements. We’ll pick individual items from cases or build new cartons, packs, and pallets depending on what the situation calls for. Our packing is quality assured, as we use intelligent order processing and barcode technology for accuracy and efficiency. We support our clients as a turn-key partner, handling receiving product, warehousing, picking & packing, and delivery; with sophisticated inventory management all along the way.

With our Pick & Pack service, we’ll take your products out of stock and pack them so they can be shipped to your customers. We’ll pick individual items from cases or build new cartons, packs or pallets to meet your customers’ requirements.

We specialize in e-commerce product fulfillment, crowdfunding rewards, subscription kits, catalog sales, training materials, point of purchase collateral, and franchisee or multi-location materials.

Our years of experience will make the Pick & Pack process easier and more efficient for you. Contact us today to learn more about our services.

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